“I dont do interviews. I dont know why people would want to do an interview with me. I’m always behind the camera and nobody ever notices me, which I’m okay with... that's who I am.”




age: 27.
area : Sydney.

equipment: Canon 70D.

editing Software: Lightroom, VSCO. 



"I went to TAFE & failed photography. I didn’t give a shit about it back then. I failed most of it, didn’t like it, had to do it again the next year and had to force myself to get the marks just to pass.. it was being taught to me like a robot - the way it was being taught to me, there was no sense of fun, creativity or spark. No emphasis of “you can turn this into something that you will like in your own way", so I never looked at it as something that could be done for life.. but when I found interest in it by myself, that's when shit became real."


What people or photographers have inspired you?  


"I don't aspire to be like anyone anymore. I used to. I like some photographers, but not many. I like Terry Richardson."
"He does what I do, he takes photos of people. You don’t look at his work and say “thats a bad photo” you look at his work and you can immediately tell that the person he photographed was so comfortable that you’re getting to see close to 100% of that person. It is already hard for people to be themselves without a camera and a photographer being there. I reckon it shouldn’t be that hard. Terry’s cool. Roger walker and his wife, Street Etiquette, was when I was first influenced by creativity, imagery and visuals."



Are you constantly framing things up and imagining what it would look like as a picture?


“Yes. I see things differently. I see the world with the beauty it actually has though, most people can’t see that because they’ve blocked their
minds. Everyone’s focused on getting money, work, paying bills. If i can capture a moment that is free of all that, that’s cool to me.”




If you could give your younger self advice for starting out, what would you say?


"Consistency. Not blinded consistency but creative consistency. You gotta stay creative and you gotta stay learning. Always. Experiment. Do stuff around what you're doing. Get influenced, you need to learn. If you’re not learning you’re not progressing. If you’re not progressing then you're a statue. Also, patience. You gotta have patience. If you’re not practicing then there aint no point in getting mad, frustration doesn't bring progress; it brings stagnation. It’ll make more sense as time goes on. It's mad cliche to say it, but follow your heart. Thats what I think....."


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