LVR Studios Presents: Oh Boy



There’s something about knowing someone personally and then seeing them express themselves in a way that doesn’t require a conversation or words… I think that’s so so so cool. " 


Age: 432.
Area : Western Sydney.

Genre: Electronic.

Production Software: Ableton. 



What first inspired you to start making music and who currently inspires you to keep creating?

The day I heard Jersey Club was the day I knew that I wanted to start making my own music. That genre has influenced so many of my songs and I still to this day really enjoy playing it. I find myself making club edits of everything all the time. Another artist who has inspired me a lot would definitely be Waveracer! I was listening to Triple J one day and heard his first EP and I was IN LOVE. It was like hearing everything I’ve ever wanted to make and listen to ! 

I’ve been drawing inspiration from so many different places! I honestly think hearing my friends music or seeing what they create is most inspiring. There’s something about knowing someone personally and then seeing them express themselves in a way that doesn’t require a conversation or words… I think that’s so so so cool.  


Your tracks hold many international influences and left of field sounds – what is your process of building a song? What artists, if any, do you reference? 

I’ve always been a huge anime nerd and that really got me interested in Japan, Japanese culture and the whole Kawaii Lifestyle; The sound and aesthetic. Basically, I’m into cute shit.

When I start building a track, first and foremost I usually lay down a chord progression reflective of my current mood and mindset. I feel as though if I have nice chords down I can build everything around that.

OMG in terms of references I think I have too many to name! I just get super inspired whenever I hear music I like!


Oh Boy X Sidechains


It’s so super important [to support your local music scene], I can’t stress it enough. There’s so much love to go around and to share and it’s going to help so many creative people and so many artists and help our country’s music community grow and reach so many other places around the world. " 


You have built yourself a community in Sydney through Sidechains and collaborations with acts like Donatachi, how do you see the scene building over the next few years?

I honestly see the Sidechains community as my family. Almost everyone I’ve met through Sidechains, whether it is other artists or just people who attend the events, are more than likely super nice, open minded and friendly. I love that so much. Sidechains were the first group to really show me love as an artist and I think they are so important for the Australian music scene.

In terms of the scene building, it’s just so crazy how many talented artists there are in Sydney and all over Australia too. I love supporting Australian artist so much and It’s cool seeing so many do well around the country and around the world! We aren’t going to stop creating and that means it’s only going to get better. 


How have these early experiences DJing in clubs impacted your live show as you move into bigger rooms, for example your set with Mallrat at Splendour In The Grass?

I originally started by playing DJ sets at clubs and as I got more confident I began integrating live aspects to my shows by adding electronic instruments and controllers; things for me to do while I play really. It wasn’t until the Australian Tour with Mallrat (@lilmallrat) that I started playing a lot more live for my shows. During that tour Grace (Mallrat) and Denim (her DJ) would perform the songs we wrote together and it was so much  fun that we ended up doing it at Splendour In The Grass too! 


What can we expect to come from the Oh Boy camp?

I’m currently in the middle of making a whole new live show that I’ll be debuting at a festival towards the end of the year! I’m not allowed to name it just yet but I’m really excited for it!

I’ll also be heading to some shows to perform with Mallrat but I can’t name those yet either..

My next single is called 'Love Me Right' and it features an incredible Australian singer named Sam Bluer (@sambluer). I'm hoping it will release by late October or early November, but I'm really excited for it, it's another slower song from me around the same tempo as 'Rush Hour' and I think it's really fun as well. 


If you could give your younger self-advice for starting out, what would you say?   

If my younger self were to somehow read this I’d say…



Latest single "Rush Hour" from Oh Boy feat. Mallrat available on Spotify now!

Photography and Visuals by @jayemol.

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