LVR Studios Presents: Ojikae


“Make sure you keep great, caring people around you... failure is necessary to grow and become great... " 


Age: 18.
Area : Melbourne.

Genre: Soul.

Production Software: Ableton. 



What first inspired you to get involved music?

My dad’s a musician so I’ve learnt to play instruments since I was 4 years old ( Piano, Guitar and Bass ). When I was 16 my best friend Jack (Aybner, whom you should check out because he’s incredible) got Ableton ( I was using FL studio at the time ) and he inspired me to get better at producing, as he evolved into a better producer every demo he would show me. As much as I was proud, I was also envious, and he pushed me to better my skills.  I’d been training to sing for 5 years prior to this so the two worlds sort of found each other.


What Inspired your debut release 'existentiality'?

When I was 17 I became infatuated with this girl, and persistently tried to make something happen but failed miserably lmao. She came up to me at a party and started flirting after a year of not talking and what happened after that is how ex became ex. I had my wisdom teeth pulled out the same weekend, so I took some endones and locked myself in the basement until ex was created. In life I guess we are always looking for our purpose, and I has been looking for my existential meaning for a while, which I initially thought was hedonism and lust, but theres far more to life than primitive pleasures. I personally am just obsessed with them and find them hard to resist haha.



“I was 17, infatuated with this girl ... but failed miserably. Started flirting after a year of not talking... that same weekend I had my wisdom teeth pulled out... so I took some endones & locked myself into the basement until Ex was created." 


Who inspires you most?

Two people inspire me the most. First is my dad, as he basically nurtured me as a musician, making me go to piano lessons but not forcefully. He said if I passed grade 4 piano I could learn guitar, so I did, and after going to lessons for a couple months I was practicing more piano than guitar lmao. I found my passion on my own but with my dad’s guidance, but he also introduced me to bands such as kiss, toto, iron maiden, Def leppard etc. the list goes on.

Dad also introduced me to my second biggest inspiration; Prince. I had always loved Prince but found a real inspiration as I began venturing into learning multiple instruments. I just love what he stood for, and how ahead of his time he was, especially because he always had female musicians and that prevalent feminine presence is one of the reasons I believe his music struck so well with all genders. He was as in touch with his femine side as he was with his masculine side... that’s exactly the balance I am aiming to achieve.



What is next for Ojikae?

A lot of heart break and hard work hahaha. I’m always writing... so I’m just going to read more books and give myself fuel to create. I’ve been working on my next release, so I guess that is what’s imminently next. Also the music video for existentiality has just dropped!!!


What advice would you give to other young people pursuing creative fields?   

Make sure you keep great, caring people around you and keep yourself grounded.

Failure is necessary to grow and become great.


Debut Single "Existentitality" out now. 

Photography and Visuals by @marsandbones.

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